The artist

Charlotte Bjorlig, born in 1971
Educated Art teacher in 1997
Continuously qualified with courses in eg. croquis drawing and painting.
Underviser i billedkunst på valghold og på workshops.
Studio in Lynge
Gallery in the art street of Copenhagen: Rørholmsgade 13, 1352 Kbh. K

The art

The painting is only fully finished when it has the balance between poetry and power - between the raw and the fine, the stories and all the unspoken…

There must be something to explore for the observer.

I often build up the paintings in several layers, before adding the last layers of oil paint. e.g I build up the base of the painting with pulp, old book pages, cut outs of old newspapers or posters. In this way there are fragments of both culture and language mixed in with the stories. Although the paitings are ambiguous, nature and time oftens plays a central part - both Mother nature and the human nature.

Kirsten Marie Hedeland, art writer at the Art magazine Kunstavisen, wrote about my paintings and said:

”… Oozes of volcanic energy and Southern ambiance. In her works, the story lies in the motifs, which are centered on music, landscapes and, in particular, man told in a poetically embracing idiom. There is a good composition in Charlotte's paintings, which are to the extent of color saturation, but in which the colors harmonize harmoniously. We move to the warm end of the color range, where you can really feel the passion and spark of life. The rustic touch and the golden colors lead one's thoughts towards the warmth and temperament of the south. "

When traveling south it is mostly Italy calling, and for the past 10-12 years I have spent part of the summer in Tuscany, where I am constantly inspired by the rustic structures, colors, language and traces of time passing ...
Mod nord har det især været det fantastiske rå og vilde landskaber på Island der har inspireret – det er ikke sidste gang turen går i den retning.